Sunflowers: Flower of the Sun God

Sunflowers are tall annual or perennial plants with big, bright yellow flowers. They are a summer favorite for many gardeners. Their scientific name, Helianthus” comes from the Greek word “helios” meaning “sun” and “anthos” meaning “flower.” Sunflowers can grow exceptionally tall. The record settling flower for height was 25 feet, and the widest flower was… Continue reading Sunflowers: Flower of the Sun God


The Utilitarian Gourd

Gourds are one of our oldest domesticated plant species and one of our best vegetable allies. Through gourd rind dating, archaeologists are fairly confident that gourds were originally domesticated 10,000 years ago in Asia by prehistoric humans. These hard shelled plants may have even been the first species of plants to ever be domesticated! From… Continue reading The Utilitarian Gourd