daikon radishes
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Growing Daikon Radishes

Today, I want to talk about a vegetable that many people haven’t heard of, but should because of how beneficial it can be to your garden. It’s the Daikon radish!   History Also called a “white radish” or “winter radish,” Daikon radishes originate from Southeastern Asia where they are consumed in a variety of dishes.… Continue reading Growing Daikon Radishes

cover crops

Cover Crops: A Workhorse in the Garden

When you work in your garden, do you ever think about what’s going on in the soil? There’s a whole world beneath the dirt with communities of microorganisms busily working away in the topsoil. They do all kinds of good things in our gardens such as nitrogen fixing and decomposing organic matter. With all that… Continue reading Cover Crops: A Workhorse in the Garden