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Common Garden Diseases and Pests

I know it's happened to you. You go out to the garden to collect tonight's dinner and you see something off. Maybe your spinach is full of lacy holes that weren't there yesterday, or your tomatoes suddenly have suspicious looking brown patches. Whatever the symptoms, something's eating your garden! Summer growing season may be winding… Continue reading Common Garden Diseases and Pests

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Growing Naranjillas

Growing Naranjillas Have any of you ever heard of naranjillas? I confess that I hadn’t until The Llama and I were leafing through seed catalogs reading the descriptions to each other. Baker’s Seeds described them as having a “sweet and sour taste,” “nectar of the gods,” and “the most delicious [thing] that I have tasted… Continue reading Growing Naranjillas

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How to Harvest and Preserve Mint

How to Harvest and Preserve Mint I love mint so much. It’s delicious in homemade ice cream, spring rolls, or in a cup of tea. This herb is so low maintenance, it’s almost impossible to kill. You can almost plant it and forget about it. It roots easily so you’ll never run out of cuttings… Continue reading How to Harvest and Preserve Mint