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myGardenAnswers Review

myGardenAnswers App Review


I like plants, and since you’re reading this review, I bet you do too. While weeding, I can’t help but wonder at the story behind the weeds. Even though I’m pulling them up, they’re still plants that come with a history. For instance, I recently learned that Lambsquarter, a plant only knew of as competition for quinoa seedlings, is actually edible, and was once widely cultivated in North America as a food crop alongside quinoa. What other wonders are hidden in the stalks and leaves of everyday plants? If you also wonder at the identity and origins of the vegetation you pass every day, I have an app for you.


There are plenty of great plant ID books out there; What’s that Flower, Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide, and Botany in a Day to name a few. However, I like to check my plants on the go. The myGardenAswers app lets me do that and more. A free plant identification guide paired with a small encyclopedia of common and uncommon plants. The app allows you to upload or take a picture on your smartphone. It then matches your photo against a plant database. If successful, it will display information about the plant. If unsuccessful, it will allow you to look through the database and try matching your image on your own. You can also search any plant my name or description without a photo. You can also ask for advice about a plant’s health. For instance, if I type “yellow leaves” into the search bar, these are the first results I get.


If both you and the app are stumped, it’s ok! myGardenAswers will give you the option of sending your photo or problem to a professional horticulturalist for $1.99, with a 24 hour turnaround time. Any paid answers you receive will be logged under the “My Answers” tab for you to review whenever you want.


Using the App

The app is simple and intuitive to use. It’s easy to snap a photo, compare results and see all the potential matches. I did find that it had difficult with leaves and non-flowering plants, but that’s a small complaint compared to the rest of myGardenAnswers features.

Website Support

While the app is great on its own, the myGardenWebsite that accompanies it contains a wealth of plant information. The site has clearly laid out pages of garden advice on individual plants, making it a breeze to identify a new wildflower or diagnose a sickly vegetable. You’ll still need to go through the app to have an expert look at a specific plant for you. However, this is a minor inconvenience compared to the encyclopedia of plant information you get. I also enjoy that you can look at answers given to other users.


Worth A Look?

Yes! MyGardenAnswers is perfect for any level of plant enthusiast. No matter if you plant a yearly vegetable garden, or just like to identify flowers and herbs on the go, you’ll love this app.


You can find myGardenAnswers on Apple’s iTunes store and Google Play.






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